Andros is the island of culture and arts, ship owners and captains, unforgettable beaches and trails.
There is nothing you would ever wanted from a summer vacation and couldn’t find in this untainted beauty of Cyclades.
Only two hours away from both Athens and Mykonos, Andros stands in a perfect location for either a weekend getaway or a full vacation experience.
28 beaches of all kind, promise crystal clear waters in picturesque shores.


Andros is the northern and second largest island, after Naxos, in the Cyclades complex, South Aegean sea in Greece.  The island’s capital is Andros or Chora. The port, Gavrio, can be reached via 2 hour Ferry route from Rafina’s Port in Athens. Gavrio port has daily ferry routes that connect the island to the mainland and also many other islands such as Mykonos, Tinos and even Santorini and Crete. With a less of 2 hour ferry travel from Mykonos, Andros is ideal even for island hopping! The island’s name comes from an ancient myth that claims that Andros a man with Gods origin, was the first inhabitant. His parents were Apollo and Dionysos descendants. The first residents worshiped God Dionysos, the God of wine, and ancient coins were found with his figure engraved on them. Andros the island of ship-owners and captains. During the 1840 some of the most famous and successful families in marine industry of Greece came from the island like the Goulandris and Embirikos family.

Andros is an island of culture and art. Many Andriots excelled in literature and arts, with greater example that of poet Andreas Embirikos. Another exceptional personality was Theophilos Kairis, one of the greatest Greek intellectuals of the 19th century, or Michael Dertouzos, professor at M.I.T. USA, who is considered as the “father” of Information Technology (IT).When in Andros do not miss one of the 10 museums. The most well known the museum of contemporary art founded in 1979 by Vasilis and Eliza Goulandri Foundation.

Whether you are seeking for the unspoiled beauty of a quiet beach or the beach bar vibe you will most certainly find your beach lifestyle preference in Andros. Basking in the warm Greek sun and jumping for a dip in pristine Mediterranean waters Andros is promising to fill your vacation with heartwarming feelings.

Crystal clear waters, wide sandy coasts, wavy or calm there is an option for every taste. In the Northern part of the island you will enjoy the paradise inspired beaches of Zorgos, Vitali and Achla. In the Southern part Agios Petros, Xrysi Ammos and Piso Gyalia offer cooling cocktails, party moods and watersports.

Andros island is without a doubt a top destination for all type of travelers.

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