From Mykonos or Santorini to Andros Island

This summer you will get to experience more of the Greek islands!

Travelling to Santorini or Mykonos? Add Andros island to your destinations.
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Book your ultimate relaxing experience at Ow Andros Luxury Suites, for minimum 5 nights stay and get Free Business Class ferry tickets from Mykonos or Santorini to Andros island!

Mykonos Destination

Andros island is only 2 hour ferry route from Mykonos, with up to six route options every day. Enjoy the vacation of your dreams at Ow Andros and receive Free Business Class tickets for your route!

Santorini Destination

Did you know that there is a direct ferry route from your favourite Santorini to Andros island? Book now a minimum 5 nights stay at Ow Andros and you will get your Free business class tickets to your ferry route