Life is all about balance.

Yoga gives you the golden key that unlocks the door to Peace, Tranquility and Joy.

Balance your body and soul, with Yoga and Meditation sessions, which are performed by professional Yoga teachers at OW Andros.

The package offers 60 min daily yoga or meditation, in our group classes.

5 minimum nights stay is required to book Yoga and Meditation seasons.Yoga & Meditation sessions are provided only to Ow Andros Guests.

More Amenities and Services that Ow Andros Luxury Suites offers to its guests: Personal Jacuzzi, Pool Lounge, Shower Gate, Fire Pit Lounge, Massage Therapies, Organic BreakfastChampagne Gesture, Smart Devices, Helicopter Services, VIP ProtectionWedding Services, Amazing Offers. Don’t miss anything!